2017 Region and State Winner

3.1. Regional and State Winners from the 2017 NSW Business Chamber Awards program cannot enter the same category in the subsequent year (2018) that they won.

3.2. State and Regional winners are eligible to enter any other category in 2018 other than the category they were a winner of in 2017.

3.3. State winners from 2017 are eligible to form part of the 2018 Regional Awards Judging Panel for their winning category.

3.4 Regional winners of the Local Chamber of Commerce of the Year Award are eligible to enter in the Local Chamber of Commerce category each year.

3.5. To progress as a State Finalists at the 2018 NSW Business Chamber State Business Awards. Regional winners must be either:

3.5.1. A Current financial member of your local chamber.

3.5.2. A Local Chamber member that has opted in to become a member of the NSW Business Chamber as of 1st October 2018.